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Crate Conveyor
The system is designed and manufactured according to the customer packaging workshop layout. 
Specifications as the following:
1) Applicable for 3×4 plastic turnover crate and 4×6, 3×4 carton box. 
2) Consists the driven crate conveyor, passive driven crate conveyor, chain belt crate 
conveyor, plastic belt crate conveyor and roller conveyor according to the packaging 
workshop layout. The connecting part with packer and unpacker adopts double channel 
structure type, equipped with movable partition to realize the rapid install and 
3) Stainless steel support, cable tray, protection rail and conveying belt, the main shaft 
and chain belt is made by 2Cr13.
4) Strong crate conveying belt, slip proof and strict rotating. It is suitable for beer in 
carton packaging delivery.
5) SEW motor.
6) Chain belt from Huangshan Factory. The bearing is the best quality one from main land. 
7) Stainless steel side board thickness≥2.5mm, height bigger than 160mm; the leg support is 
8) Photoelectrical sensor and PLC system controlling for stably adjusting the speed of the 
bottle running.
9) Adopting with the programmable controller in control section.
10) Photoelectrical sensor for stably adjusting the speed of the crate running. No box 
jamming  in order to catch up with the main machines of the packaging line.
11) Approaching sensor and photoelectric sensor is IP67 protection level.