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Bottle Conveyor
The system is designed and manufactured according to the workshop layout from the customer, 
the main specifications as the following:
1) Suitable for the round glass bottles.
2) Bottle conveyor is built with stainless steel for the support, cable tray, side rails 
and conveying belts. The main shaft and the chain belt is made by 2Cr13.
3) Magnetic turning ( the magnetic turning use special transporting belt).
4) Stainless steel side board thickness≥2.5mm, height bigger than 160mm; the leg support 
is adjustable.
5) The supporting frame is 304 stainless steel, anti-causticity, the foot plate is made by 
macromolecule material.
6) All of the driving adopting with high grade motors.
7) Chain belt from Huangshan Factory. The bearing is the best quality one from main land. 
8) All water (or lubricant) conveyor belt equipped with stainless steel liquid tray, liquid 
tray with sufficient width to ensure no leakage on both sides.
9) Dust proof cover for the conveyor between bottle washer and filler. Use frequency speed 
controlling for the bottle distribution station for lower the pressure between bottles.
10) Use approaching sensor and PLC control.
11) Approaching sensor and photoelectric sensor is IP67 protection level. Resistance to 
direct water rinse.
12) Layout in The separate conveying and combine conveying increased with variable 
frequency speed control in layout, to decrease the bottle conveying pressure.