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The AS-1-H is a bulk Depalletizer with pallet lift designed for the top capacity range. It is suitable for processing new containers made of glass, plastic, or metal. By installing the appropriate modules, the machine can be equipped to handle fully automatic disposal of plastic or cardboard pallet liners, in addition to wooden or plastic pallets. Fast product changeover is achieved thanks to a motor-driven adjustable pushoff carriage. The three-side pallet infeed area and the closed well in the pushoff area makes the AS-1-H ideal for processing unstable containers.

1) Twin-column bulk depalletizing robot with pallet lift and elevated container discharge.
2) Able to process new glass, plastic, or metal containers.
3) All-sided centering of the layer to be discharged on the pushoff carriage.
4) All-sided centering of the layer block located below it.
5) Exact pallet centering by adjustable well walls .
6) Automatic disposal of inverted liners, slip-sheets, and pallets possible.
7) Processing of contour containers possible.
8) Modular design means optimum adaptation to customer requirements coupled with a small assortmen of parts.
9) Ultra modern drive technology comprised of servo motors, cog belts, and continuous-parth control.

1) Rugged, painted steel base frame.
2) Servo motor powered, cog-belt-driven sequences of motion.
3) Operator panel with large size graphical user interface.
4) Pallet well and integrated pallet lift enclosed on three sides.
5) Elevated container discharge table.

1) The consistent modular design guarantees flexibility of changing palletizing tasks and a reduction in the assortment of parts needed, thus cutting the cost of spare part stockkeeping.
2) Fully developed machine functions and high quality standards ensure many years of up to 98% machine availability.
3) Operators are able to easily complete product conversions and changeovers during ongoing production operation.
4) The optionally available fully automatic layer changeover facility offers push-of-a-button layer changeover thereby achieving high machine availability.