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1)Built with DPG/ZMS electronic pneumatic filling valve, assembled with imported sealings and springs, which less part perished and liquid leaked.

2)Adopt with equal pressure filling method, filling procedure adjustable via HMI to meet customer’s requirement.

3)Reserve all mechanical advantages, filling valve also integrated the flexibility of electronic and pneumatic control.

4)Equipped with hot (85℃) asepsis water streamlet in high pressure injection, imported injection nozzles and heaters and PALL filter.

5)Level control in ring bowl equipped E+H probe automatic sensor, with high measuring accuracy and stable control.

6)Equipped with cycling water temperature control (in stainless steel) Nash or Stirling vacuum pump, which can ensure vacuum degrees (≤-0.085Mpa), and save energy as well.

7)Centering tulip is lift by roller guide with pre-covering.

8)Main driving system equipped with hanging gear drive, without bottom plate, no dirt accumulation problem, easy for cleaning.

9)Open type piping system allowed automatic cycling cleaning CIP system to automatic cleaned almost every passage. Hygienic pipe fitting met relative German DIN standards.

10)Low level material feeding center pipe can realize open type piping structure, no liquid or gas accumulation, easy for cleaning.

11)Advance automatic control ringbowl pressurization, which being controlled via proportational to ensure stable pressure and filling level.

12)Sight glass equipped in stainless steel ring bowl, inner surface finishing met food sanitary grade, and met German DIN11851 requirement.

13)Magnetic cap agitating device can avoid cap distortion, simply and easily cleaned structure. The cap turning imported from Germany knowhow.

14)Equipped with Germany knowhow open style crowning heads for full dimension cleanable, can reduce biological contamination. Complex plastic guiding sleeve installed inside crowning head, which lubrication free can reduct contamination.

15)Cap detection and counting device on the discharge.

16)Ringbowl level and temperature displaied via HMI in pics and words.

17)HMI display real time operation machine status, fault positions and fault indication in words, and also can show operation procedure, manual & automatic switching. Countings can be returned to zero.

18)Advanced Germany knowhow CIP cup, easy to clean and save energy.