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BP Ⅱ Series Pasteurizer


1) This machine adopt advance Germany knowhow technology. Structure design of double layer in double or single deck tunnel pasteurizer,applies to beverages (beer) pasteurization and warmer (tank).

2) Adopt central heating and hot water buffer tank design, it can save steam and water that compared with the traditional one.

3) Adopt advance Germany knowhow PU control system, with high control accuracy and also saves energy consumption.

4) Reasonable temperature setting (10-12), sufficient heat exchange, well-proportioned temperature in each zones, minimized bottle breakage, and stable operation.

5) Adopt double deck spraying with German patent plastic clip-on nozzles, with this nozzles can large the spray area and evenly distribute spray water. Set up on-line sewage outfall, which assembly with spring clamp that easy to be installed and removed.

6) The machine housing, wire meshes, heat exchangers and pipes are made in stainless steel.

7) Adopt with open frame construction, there are two side doors with window besides both housing, used for observe the spraying and operating situation. While overhaul, the side doors can be easily opened for maintenance people enter.

8) The clean doors (man-holes) are assembly with tank in each worm zone that used for interior clean.

9) Provide with automatic online pollution discharge system.

10)  Each layer of chain net is driven by an independent motor, which are arranged on safe overload protection device. Frequency control adopted by every motor that equipped with automatic overload protection device. Double protection implemented on the machine that convenient for adjustment.

11)  There is water spray system be arranged above the conveyor of the machine outlet, if necessary, it can be mounted on the nozzle for spraying beer crown.

12)  The machine adopts I/O control cabinet, and connected with PLC cabinet via ProfiBUS, convenient for repair.