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PGF Series Can Filler


1) Advanced Germany knowhow. High-precision built-in mechanical filling valves.

2) Use touch screen control as the operation panel, full automatic control, automatic height adjustment and amendment, automatic rinsing device.

3) The PGF filling system is designed for both cold filling of fiber-free CSD (beer, cola, etc.) and hot filling of fiber-free beverages (juice, tea, etc.).

4) Hygienic open-structure with complete external cleaning system.

5) Cleaning cup can be quick installed without any tools.

6) Height of filling bowl and control ring is separately adjusted by motor in order to handle cans in different height. Height adjustment can be automatically adjusted via the touch screen. The filling bowl and control ring runs synchronously during the lifting process.

7) Automatic central lubrication supply system.

8) Imported can seamer.