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GLM2 – Vision

  GLM2 is a global leader and solution provider of first choice in the packaging industry with a focus on beverage applications and turnkey solutions.

GLM2 – Mission

  GLM2 is an international company, we act global with a local touch. The solutions we provide to the customers are provided with the KHS Quality Mark independent of their origin or destination.

  GLM2 is a supplier of turnkey packaging solutions and individual applications with a focus on the beverage industry. Based on KHS’s engineering experience KHS will provide the  appropriate solution with components either out of its own or third party product portfolio.

GLM2 - Commitment to stakeholders

Customer orientation:

  GLM2 provides the customer with solutions which are created in order to serve the value equations of the customer

  GLM2 is organized with one face to the customer

  GLM2 serves the customers in a way which will ensure a positive financial performance for the customer and GLM2

  GLM2 will continue to be at the forefront of technology in its areas of activity. The choice of development areas will be based strictly on financial criteria. New developments will be marked in a controlled manner in order to ensure the performance of the development and the necessary internal expertise bringing new technology to the broader market.


  We put our customers first.

  We provide value and consistent high quality to meet the needs of our customers.

  We identify and solve problems (with a sense of urgency), we deliver on what we have promised.

  We aim at continuous improvement by encouraging employees to be creative and open to new ideas.


  We are committed to increase long term shareholder value.


  Our employees are our  valued asset.

  We are partners in everything we do.

  We foster collaboration and open communication.

Environment/ suppliers/ communities

  We are committed to preserving our natural environment and resources.

  We are a reliable partner to our suppliers.

  We are an integral part of our local communities.

GLM2 - Commitment to ourselves

  We walk the talk – because we know that it is not what we say but what we do, which is important.

  We are realistic – we know things are what they look like.

  We share the information we have with our colleagues around the world and perform our tasks in a transparent manner.

  We believe management must be accountable. We know our responsibilities and stand up to them.

  We are driven by prudent financial thinking and not technical challenges or attempts to cater to the customer’s last wish.

  We respect our colleagues and are honest to one another.

  We learn for life – our entire life.

  We build on and with the people in the organization.